Customer FAQ

What is the return policy for shopping within the store?

Le Boulevard has a 24-hour return policy. We are open 7 days a week.

Do you have an approval policy?

Yes, customers can take product (excluding jewelry) out on approval for 24 hours. The customer must complete a payment information form at the front desk.

Does Le Boulevard provide custom orders?

Yes, Le Boulevard vendors provide custom orders. The front desk handles all custom orders.

(504) 455-4515

Does Le Boulevard give designer discounts?

Le Boulevard’s prices are extremely competitive. Our shop has multiple vendors selling their product. Depending on the product, we contact the vendor for their designer price. Jewelry is not discounted to designers.

How do I get tax exemption from my resale certificate?

A current resale certificate is required for tax exemption. Provide a copy by fax or in person, and we will put the information on file.

Are there any further discounts on sale merchandise?

The sale price is final.

Does Le Boulevard have a layaway policy?

Most of our vendors accept a layaway policy. The policy is a 3 month plan in which the total retail price is divided into 3 equal payments made within a 3 month period. There is a penalty if the payments are not made on time. The layaway item will remain on Le Boulevard property until the item is paid in full.