Consignors FAQ

What type of consignment does Le Boulevard accept?

Le Boulevard accepts antique, vintage and contemporary home furnishings. Also, we accept jewelry, books, vinyl records, collectibles, and art. All consignment must be free of tears, damage, stains, and pet hair.

We do not accept clothing, but we do consign fine furs.

What days does Le Boulevard accept consignment?

Le Boulevard accepts consignment 7 days a week. We ask for a courtesy call before bringing your consignment. It is best to send a picture before bringing items to insure that we will accept your items. (504) 455-4515

What is the consignment policy?

Le Boulevard’s consignment commission is 40%. The consignor receives 60% of the sale. The staff works with the consignor to price the items. The first month the price is the agreed price between Le Boulevard and the consignor. In the 2nd month, the item reduces 20%, and in the 3rd month, the product reduces 30% from the original price.

I am an artist. I would like to consign my art and not rent a space. Can I sell my artwork on consignment?

If the artwork is different from what we already carry in the store LeBoulevard will consider a consignment agreement with the artist. The commission agreement is 50% to the artist and 50% to Le Boulevard. The artwork would NOT reduce in price each month. The agreement is for 3 months.

Can I place my item on consignment for just a month?

No, the consignor signs a 3-month agreement. If the item does not sell, the consignor may take their item after the contract has expired.