6 oz Chateau Ceramic Candle

$ 19.00

This 6 oz. Chateau ceramic container candle in neutral tones adds sophisticated elegance to your home decor. 

Our candles capture the scent of beautiful flowers to our distinctive foods and cultural traditions, everything in southern Louisiana is rooted in fragrance. And by capturing those singular scents in our candles – a slice of Mardi Gras king cake, the French Market stalls, Garden District cotton blossoms – reliving those experiences becomes as simple as lighting a flame. 

We continue to keep packaging to a minimum to keep our environmental footprint small, and use 100 percent cotton wicks to reduce soot and carbon. Our concentrated scents ensure a full, rich, long-lasting aroma that will infuse an entire home.

3.5" High x 4" Dia. 

Burn time approx. 54 hours

These candles are made to order. Please allow 7-10 business days to process your order.

Fleur de Light