14 oz Fleur de Lis Glass Tumbler Candle

$ 21.00

The fleur de lis has been a symbol of New Orleans since it's birth, starting with the French flag. 

The New Orleans Saints adopted it as their emblem in 1967 and after Hurricane Katrina, it became a symbol of rebirth for the city of New Orleans. 

We celebrate our love for this New Orleans emblem with our Fleur de Lis Candle Collection. Bring a little New Orleans flair to any room with this special collection! Our Fleur de Lis candles embody sophistocated elegance and long lasting fragrance. 

14 oz. tumbler candle featuring an antique gold fleur de lis and hand-stamped cotton bag.

Burn time approx. 100 hours.

These candles are made to order. Please allow 7-10 business days to process your order.

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